Network Citizen

Do you consider yourself as a part of network citizen? Whether you want it or not or where you born. it is not determined by any registration. As long as you did use the network in your daily task and you are a network citizen. “We are called as network citizens in the world we are living”, by Bradwell (2008). With the ease of connecting to the network today, sometimes we are even surfing without our conscious. Even a simple messaging today such as “Whatsapp” is using the Internet. In the world today, we do no really distinguish whether we are working, learning or playing because it is merge. For example, we create Facebook page for our company and we have to manage it, we will unconsciously entertain ourself by viewing the photos or walls of other the Facebook members. This is what we called a liquid life, which enables the person to perform flexibly. Work is play, in another way, the operate of the Facebook page might able to know more about the audiences lifestyle through that other than just purely entertaining.

“a precarious life, lived under conditions of constant uncertainty.”

by  Mark Deuze, 2006.

Let’s have some discussions on how the global network affects the business. Some of us might dream that if our home is our working place will be cool while we were young. Today, Self office/ Home office (SOHO) has becoming common today. Employees could just finish their work in house on time send it through the network to their bosses. They also could put on the webcam for a meeting rather than face-to face. It has improved the performance in some way. For example, employees able to avoid the traffic jam sections especially in KL and Klang Valley area. However, the self-discipline is highly required in this situation. Employees have to choose the appropriate time to get their job done in time. Life becomes more flexible compare to the traditional 9am-5pm offices working hours. Sometimes we have to stay at the office even our given jobs has done.

There are only big company can do the global business in the past by having face to face meeting al the way from one country to another. The procedure is much more costly and time-consuming. Therefore, only certain amounts of business are able to do so. Today, some people even start off their business globally with just few hundred to few thousands ringgits (small enterprise). From finding the suppliers,choosing the items, negotiating and transactions everything through online. However, everything have their pro and cons, it taking higher risk to make transaction through the net even there are certain security program has done by the authorities. For example, buying product, which are not genuine. Another benefits, online shoppings are much more affordable because the pricing of the online store does not affected by the store rental fees and so on. Therefore, people are getting use to consume items in the net and shopping in the mall becoming their alternative way to consume. For example, one of my friend will only get himself to the mall to get the price reference from the shop and feel the actual product, but finally he bought the item from the online store. This result is somehow proven that online store has threatened the sales of the shopping mall. The marketeers are placing much more advertisement on the net compare to the past. They might realize that people are spending a lot of time on the net. For example, I always irritate by the advertisement in Youtube before I start watching the a video which will not happen in the past. The more views from a video, the more advertisements it will be placed. There are at least 4 advertisement will be seen by the audience from a famous video including the product placement in the video itself. From here we can see the advertiser is getting more concern on the network citizens.


Bradwell, P., and Reeves, R. (2008) Economies. In Networked Citizens , pp. 25-31, accessed 8/9/2012



One thought on “Network Citizen

  1. I have to agree with Bradwell. Networking is the reason why the world go round because it has not only improved u in the aspect of communication and socializing but also to run a business. Many global organization these days have realized the importance of networking and many of them are still trying to catch up. For an example, if we looked back at the year 2006, many of the global organization has understand estimated the advertising tools such as youtube and facebook (was known as the new media) and still they are spending much more money on Tv commercial. However, according to to Bradwell.P and Reeves. R (2008), the recent ‘noise’ for social networking has create and extra layer to the potential opportunities for connection. In addition, according to Hitwise Intelligence, Facebook was the most visited website in UK in 2008 followed by Google. Therefore many global organization realized how many people they can reach with social network and yet in such a lower cost. Today, we can see many advertisements are run in Youtube and Facebook, this has proven that how importance is networking in a way of reaching more target audiences. Besides that, networking has also change the business model fom a formal hierarchy to a more informal business model. Business organization today has no longer fixed model to run a business anymore, with the technologies these day, people can work with anyone around the work in the same time with no issues at all.

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