#DIGC 202 Afterword: Why Networks Matter

I am a fresh graduate from Diploma in Mass Communication at INTI International College Subang. After 2 months of consideration, I have decided to continue my Degree course in University of Wollongong, which major in Marketing Communications Advertising (since it is the fastest degree and some of my seniors are studying at there). Although there are 2 months to so call preparation for the degree program but not so prepare at the end due to mentally still in the holiday mood. Fortunately, some of the subject is quite quite similar to what i learned from diploma therefor I still able to catch up at the beginning of the semester and hopefully this form will continue until the end of the semester.

One of the subject I taking in this semester was Global Network (DIGC 202). Thus, blogging topic that related to global networks is part of our weekly task coming with twitting as well. As the very first topic, I will like to give a brief idea on what are Global Networks.

Manuel Castells mentioned from this article (Afterword: Why network Matters?, 2004) that social life become one of the more important nowadays and network appears to be the organizing form of life, including social life. Why network becoming so popular and reliable among the society? Why a network has overtook the traditional way to communicate? The reason is obvious enough. The networks is making the communications more efficiency, timeless, convenience and liable while the old time methods are much more slower and hardly to share the opinions among a huge communities. However, I do enjoy my old time because the quality of the communications between humans were greater and much more sincere. People are used to appreciate the contact when it is harder to do so.  In my opinion, the ease of the communications could affect the quality of them in negative way.



Castells, M 2004, ‘Afterword: why networks matter’, pp.221-225, accessed 10/8/2012


5 thoughts on “#DIGC 202 Afterword: Why Networks Matter

  1. I totally agree with you. Even though networking is getting more important and useful these days in terms of a country’s development however people intend to rely on it too much and in the mean time the people will be more dependable to the technologies in the future.

  2. Quality of the cominucations between humans were greater and much more sincere in the old time. Strongly agree with your point. People in the old days used to talk face to face instead of chatting through network like what we used to do now. Talking face to face will somehow get closer to the one you talking with instead of chatting through a mobile phone or computer. However, due to the rapid growth of network, things become “network-lising”. People prefer efficient and effective way such as communicating through the application in their phone.

  3. I think what you said is true but what were you referring to when you said “my old time”? Were you talking about olden days form of communication such as writing letters, and such? If that is what you meant, I totally agree with that too because writing letters are more sincere. 🙂

    • Moreover, speaking of writing letters, we can see that networks have always mattered, just that in recent times it has become increasingly rampant, hence its importance has increased amongst members of society. Also, in recent times people have different forms of networking such as social networking websites and e-mails which are more convenient, as you mentioned.

  4. I agree when Manuel Castells mentioned that “network appears to be the organizing form of life, including social life” in the article of Afterword: why network matters, he. When he mentioned that “technology does not determine society but without some specific technologies, some social structures could not develop” I can say he is also right. Technologies have become one of the most important elements on our daily routine, and that those certain or specific technologies does develop our social structures. Global Networking is indeed an important and unavoidable aspect of our modern society, both locally and globally. It reminds us how far technology has come and brought people from all corners of the world together. We are able to communicate over long distances and with many people at the same time. Indeed, we live in a borderless world. When Manuel Castells also mentioned that network society expands on a global scale and networks know no boundaries. Well It is true the boundaries of communication are being severed.

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