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Network Citizen

Do you consider yourself as a part of network citizen? Whether you want it or not or where you born. it is not determined by any registration. As long as you did use the network in your daily task and you are a network citizen. “We are called as network citizens in the world we are living”, by Bradwell (2008). With the ease of connecting to the network today, sometimes we are even surfing without our conscious. Even a simple messaging today such as “Whatsapp” is using the Internet. In the world today, we do no really distinguish whether we are working, learning or playing because it is merge. For example, we create Facebook page for our company and we have to manage it, we will unconsciously entertain ourself by viewing the photos or walls of other the Facebook members. This is what we called a liquid life, which enables the person to perform flexibly. Work is play, in another way, the operate of the Facebook page might able to know more about the audiences lifestyle through that other than just purely entertaining.

“a precarious life, lived under conditions of constant uncertainty.”

by  Mark Deuze, 2006.

Let’s have some discussions on how the global network affects the business. Some of us might dream that if our home is our working place will be cool while we were young. Today, Self office/ Home office (SOHO) has becoming common today. Employees could just finish their work in house on time send it through the network to their bosses. They also could put on the webcam for a meeting rather than face-to face. It has improved the performance in some way. For example, employees able to avoid the traffic jam sections especially in KL and Klang Valley area. However, the self-discipline is highly required in this situation. Employees have to choose the appropriate time to get their job done in time. Life becomes more flexible compare to the traditional 9am-5pm offices working hours. Sometimes we have to stay at the office even our given jobs has done.

There are only big company can do the global business in the past by having face to face meeting al the way from one country to another. The procedure is much more costly and time-consuming. Therefore, only certain amounts of business are able to do so. Today, some people even start off their business globally with just few hundred to few thousands ringgits (small enterprise). From finding the suppliers,choosing the items, negotiating and transactions everything through online. However, everything have their pro and cons, it taking higher risk to make transaction through the net even there are certain security program has done by the authorities. For example, buying product, which are not genuine. Another benefits, online shoppings are much more affordable because the pricing of the online store does not affected by the store rental fees and so on. Therefore, people are getting use to consume items in the net and shopping in the mall becoming their alternative way to consume. For example, one of my friend will only get himself to the mall to get the price reference from the shop and feel the actual product, but finally he bought the item from the online store. This result is somehow proven that online store has threatened the sales of the shopping mall. The marketeers are placing much more advertisement on the net compare to the past. They might realize that people are spending a lot of time on the net. For example, I always irritate by the advertisement in Youtube before I start watching the a video which will not happen in the past. The more views from a video, the more advertisements it will be placed. There are at least 4 advertisement will be seen by the audience from a famous video including the product placement in the video itself. From here we can see the advertiser is getting more concern on the network citizens.


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The Cyberspace

I’m sure “cyberspace” will not be a strange word for the people who living in this era. In those years, the film making industry and especially Hollywood was frequently using Cyberspace as the background or theme of their productions. For examples, movies “Lawnmover Man”(1992), “Tron Legacy”(2010) and “Matrix”(1999). These movies were end up with millions dollar box-office result which mean this topic was very appealing to the audiences. But what exactly “Cyberspace” mean? Do we living in a cyberspace now?

The word “Cyberspace” does not have a standard term or definition, it is used to describe the virtual world of computers. William Gibson is the 1st person who used this word in his book, Neuromancer, written in 1984. He defines cyberspace as “a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts… A graphical representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system. Unthinkable complexity. Lines of light ranged in the non-space of the mind, clusters and constellations of data” (New York: Berkley Publishing Group, 1989. Another explanation from an article ”Cyberspace and the American Dream: A Magna Carta for the Knowledge Age” (1994), cyberspace is a bioelectronics environment that is literally universal: It exists everywhere there are telephone wires, coaxial cables, fiber-optic lines or electromagnetic waves.

As the article stated, “this environment is “inhabited” by knowledge, including incorrect ideas, existing in electronic form. It is connected to the physical environment by portals which allow people to see what’s inside, to put knowledge in, to alter it, and to take knowledge out.” Cyberspace provided a space with free flow information without borders. We can easily get to access to the information that we seeking anywhere we want as long as we have a devices connected to the internet. Especially in this era, searching information could be anytime any where due to the price of the smart devices is getting lower and affordable compare to the past 20 years and these devices are getting better in term of portability. It is hard to determine the price and value of these knowledge and informations today.

“We contact with this machine in our daily life since the day we born”, could you see the risk or negative impact that will ruin our ecosystem with this statement? Human first invents computers to solve the complicated matter that will hardly solve. For example, calculations, in-depth analysis and so on. Today, these machines have become part of our life and even evolve to almost everything in the urban compare to the past. For example, entertainment, transactions, advertising, social life, educations and more functions that you will never thought that it would happen in the past. No doubt, technologies today are efficient and makes our life much more liable. Therefore, these technologies have replacing activities that we use to do in the past and we are getting more dependent with this machine. Human stated to think lesser and depending too much on these machines to solve their problem. For example, a simple calculation people might use the calculator application in the phone to solve it rather than solve it by his or her own. Another example, we will never try to recall back what we have learn, instead we will just straight searching for the information trough our smartphone or some devices since the Internet access portal is everywhere. We do not need to memorize the exact spelling of the words because the software will auto correct for us and just like what am I doing now. People stared to think lesser and computers are becoming our brain and memory. It started to dominate our life, try to imagine that a day without these machine and what can we do?

Finally, I am not trying to persuade people stop using computers and start living like our ancestor. Moreover, my intention of this article is to arouse people to start using this machine wisely. Since we are living in the cyberspace we should fully utilize the abilities of the inventions with the premise of not over abuse these brilliant inventions. I believe that everything we do not to go extreme, it will harm you either way. We should figure out equilibrium point the virtual
activities and reality.

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The Internet

“The world loves internet”, i guess most of the people will agree with the statement i just made as the Internet is so popular today. It has become a “must” routine for the new generations. Internet makes our life much more easier and efficient in some way, it has becoming everything included entertainment, working purpose, communicates, advertising, information search and more.

But what is the Internet? This might be the easiest question in this era but I guess there are still peoples who do not have an exact idea on what it actually is. Therefor this blog post is going to give you a brief idea on what is the Internet. The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions. There is not a single person or organizations who own this network. According to, The Internet is more of a concept than an actual tangible entity, and it relies on a physical infrastructure that connects network to other networks. That means everyone in the world are able to share, contact or announce message or even media contents in this mighty network. It is a space that no borders, free flow of information, no time and space. Just like a big village, we can contact with person all over the world anytime without bothering the

Internet world stats  (2011), there are more that 2.2 billion Internet user in the world which mean 1/3 of the populations n the world and the number is increasing rapidly. This might because of the comprehensive functions and the efficiency of the Internet. Furthermore, the devices, software and programs to get us to is getting more and more user friendly or another word to say humanize. The procedure to link us to the Internet is way more simple compare to the past. The user interfaces of the web sides are way more fascinating and more understandable by the user. The virtual experiences that we can get from the net are getting versatile and some even out of our imagination.  I would say we are so lucky to born in this era because if we need to search for any information, we could just “Google it” anytime, anywhere as long as we having an internet enable device with us and I’m pretty sure that this will not be a problem.

“Malaysians spent the most hours per week (9 hours) on the social sites in the world”, by The Star Online (2010).

Here is an interesting video that made by exclusive compilation of news reports, commercials and instructional videos from the early days of the Internet. I believe it will be more interesting by showing you a video rather than tons of words.

Back then to my childhood time, the very first time that I contact with the Internet was 11 years ago when I was 11 years old. It was so fresh and awesome to own a computer with Internet at that time and it will response on any words that I typed to search. Therefore, I had resume back to play toys and sports in a short period of time as the network at the time was pretty slow ( de.. ne… di… 56.6kbps modem) and the options for entertainment in the internet was not that comprehensive yet. We only get to commonly access it while studying in secondary school and computer is the only preferable gadget. However, the kids today are much more earlier to deal with the Internet even skipped the playing toys period. Not the Lego neither the heroes toy but Ipad and IPhone might be their first toy ever. It’s not hard to find kids and I mean really young kids playing those high-end gadgets while they having meal with their parents.

My question is, is it an advantage or an issue for this kids to view the contents that inappropriate for their age without guidance? For examples, sexual and violence contents. They are not able to make a good judgment yet without a proper guidance from the parents. As we can see, we are getting easier to access the Internet even unconsciously for sometimes. But at the time the protections or censorships to restrict those contents from the kids are not strong enough at this moment. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest cyber threats to human because the technologies are getting advance in a blink of eyes and the censorships to be done are difficult to catch up with that speed.

Finally, I believe there are two sides on everything. Since the Internet give us such powerful portal to communicate and we getting to relying on it very much.  We rather spend more hours on the Internet than having outdoors activities with our friends and family. It is quite hard to change our life style but by balance it up will bring you a better life.


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#DIGC 202 Afterword: Why Networks Matter

I am a fresh graduate from Diploma in Mass Communication at INTI International College Subang. After 2 months of consideration, I have decided to continue my Degree course in University of Wollongong, which major in Marketing Communications Advertising (since it is the fastest degree and some of my seniors are studying at there). Although there are 2 months to so call preparation for the degree program but not so prepare at the end due to mentally still in the holiday mood. Fortunately, some of the subject is quite quite similar to what i learned from diploma therefor I still able to catch up at the beginning of the semester and hopefully this form will continue until the end of the semester.

One of the subject I taking in this semester was Global Network (DIGC 202). Thus, blogging topic that related to global networks is part of our weekly task coming with twitting as well. As the very first topic, I will like to give a brief idea on what are Global Networks.

Manuel Castells mentioned from this article (Afterword: Why network Matters?, 2004) that social life become one of the more important nowadays and network appears to be the organizing form of life, including social life. Why network becoming so popular and reliable among the society? Why a network has overtook the traditional way to communicate? The reason is obvious enough. The networks is making the communications more efficiency, timeless, convenience and liable while the old time methods are much more slower and hardly to share the opinions among a huge communities. However, I do enjoy my old time because the quality of the communications between humans were greater and much more sincere. People are used to appreciate the contact when it is harder to do so.  In my opinion, the ease of the communications could affect the quality of them in negative way.



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